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                                        Salih Khalil Abdulkarim
Salih Khalil Abdulkarim
Assist. Professor
Geology- Geophysics
  • B. Sc. In geology

    M.Sc. in Geophysics
  • 1.      Interpretation of geophysical data available over Southern Himreen structures

    2.      A reconnaissance gravity and magnetic investigation along Erbil-Shaqlawa highway

    3.      Magnetic study of Tel-Alhawa.Northen Jazira plain .NW Iraq.NW Iraq

    4.      Gypsum karst in suleivani area

    5.      A reconnaissance gravity & magnetic study in Aqra

    6.      Gravity study of karstic phenomena in Suleivani Plain Area.kurdistan Region of Iraq

    7.      Determination of sub-surface contact between Pila Spi& lower Fars formations of the southern limb of Bekhair anticline using electrical survey .kurdistan  Region of Iraq

    8.      Detection of sub-surface geological characteristic using the resistivity & self-potential methods in part of Dusky plain Kurdistan Region of Iraq

    9.      A reconnaissance geo-electrical survey in Atrosh area ,North Iraq

    10.  Exploration of Malta fault using resistivity survey. West of Duhok city

    11.  Geophysical & mineralogical study of some ore deposits in Shiranish Area. Northeast of Zakho city

    comparison of some potential evapotranspiration methods for Sumail area. KKurdistan Region  of Iraq

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  • Geophysics

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    Remote Sensing

    Physical geology

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  • Training Courses:-

    1.      Applications in geophysical survey

    2.      Applications in aerial photography

    3.      Applications on some aerial photography instruments

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