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                                        Dr. Khabat Noori Hussein
Dr. Khabat Noori Hussein Department Reporter
Food Science
    • 2021 PhD in “Food Science”, MATE University (former Szent Istvan University), 1118 Budapest, Hungary
    • 2012 MSc in “Livestock Production Science, Writtle College - University of Essex, United Kingdom.
    • 2008 BSc in Animal Production, University of Duhok, Kurdistan, Iraq.
    1. Ibrahim, A. Baker, Khalil, A.D. Oray and Khabat, N. Hussein (2015) Effect of Thyme Leaves Extract on Quality of Lamb and Chicken Meat during Storage, Science Journal of University of Zakho, Vol 3 No 2,
    2. Asia M. Hassan, Dejeen A. Mohammed, Khabat N. Hussein and Shekhmous H. Hussen, (2016) Comparison among three Lines of quail for egg quality characters, submitted to Science Journal of University of Zakho.
    3. Hussein, K.N. and Friedrich, L. and Pintér, R. and Németh, Cs. and Kiskó, G. and Dalmadi, I. (2019) Effect of Linalool and Piperine on Chicken Meat Quality During Refrigerated Conditions. Acta Alimentaria, 48 (4). pp. 431-440. ISSN 0139-3006 (print); 1588-2535.
    4. Hussein K., Friedrich L., Kisko G., Ayari E., Nemeth C., Dalmadi I. (2019): Use of allyl-isothiocyanate and carvacrol to preserve fresh chicken meat during chilling storage. Czech J. Food Sci., 37: 417-424.
    5. Khabat Noori Hussein, Tímea Molnár, Richard Pinter, Adrienn Toth, Emna Ayari, Laszlo Friedrich, Istvan Dalmadi, Gabriella Kiskó (2021): In vitro antimicrobial activity of plant active components against Pseudomonas lundensis and Listeria monocytogenes, Progress in Agricultural Engineering Sciences, 16, 163-172
    6. Khabat Noori Hussein, Barbara Csehi, Surányi József, Horváth Ferenc, Gabriella Kiskó, István Dalmadi, László Friedrich, (2021) Effect of α-Terpineol on Chicken Meat Quality during Refrigerated Conditions, Foods, vol 10, issue 8, pp 1855,
    7. Zeeshan Siddique, Hiwa M Ahmed, Khabat Noori Hussein, Khulod Ibraheem Hassan, Bashdar I Meena (2022) Herbal medicinal uses and their practices in human health care and livestock from district Haripur, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, Veterinary Medicine and Science, P: 2683-2695, 8,6 .

  • Food Microbiology and Safety, Food Science and Technology, Meat Science & Technology, Poultry meat Science, Food Poisoning, Bioactive Compounds, Lipid Oxidation, Physicochemical Properties, Human Nutrition, Fatty Acid Composition, High Pressure Processing, Essential Oils in Food, Phenolic Compounds, Food Preservation

  • - 2013-2016, and fall semester 2021-2022, and 2022-2023: Academic debates-1st-Dept. of animal production- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences -UoD.
    - 2013-2014: Poultry Management-Practical: 2nd Year-Dept. of animal production- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences-UoD.
    - 2013-2016, and 2021-2022 Poultry Product Technology-Practical: 4th year-Dept. of animal production- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences - UoD.
    - 2013-2016: Turkey and aquatic fowl Production-Theory and Practical: 3rd Year-Dept. of animal production- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences – UoD
    - 2014-2015: Student seminar organizers – 4th Year-Dept. of animal production- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences - UoD.
    - 2017-2019 Meat and poultry technology and quality issues for BSc, MSc and PhD Students, department of Refrigeration and Livestock Product Technology-Faculty of Food Science-Szent Istvan University.
    - 2022-2023: Principle of Food Science- Theory and Practical: 3rd Year-Dept. of Food Science and Technology- College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences – UoD

  • - Participation in EndNote X4 workshop Entitled Easy Thesis and papers writing with EndNote X4 Program. Held at Cultural center - University of Duhok (14th – 15th April 2013).
    - Successfully completed and got the certificate in the course of teaching methods for higher education that held at Training and Development center at UoD, Nov 2013 - Jan 2014.
    - Member of Organization committee for Workshop related to current issues that faces poultry production in Kurdistan and how to find Solutions College of agriculture - university of Duhok, 26 May 2014.
    - Successful certified the attendance of 26 days training on poultry production technology by PTC+ and MENA Scholarship Program, that held in Barneveld, the Netherlands 1-26 Feb 2016.
    - Successfully completed an online non-credit course “The Meat We Eat” authorized by University of Florida and offered through Coursera on 25-06-2020.
    - Successfully completed the Global Food Venture Programme – STAGE I Summer School organized by EIT Food from 8th - 17th of June 2020.


    - Attendance to the 1st international scientific agricultural conference Held in faculty of agricultural science – University of Sulaimani 20-21 November 2013
    - Attendance to the 2nd scientific agricultural conference Held in college of agricultural – University of Duhok, 26-27 April 2016
    - Khabat Noori-H., Istvan Dalmadi, Laszlo Friedrich, 'White Stripping In Chicken (An Emerging Issue In Poultry Meat)’, Book of Abstracts in 22nd (XXII) Bolyai conference, Conference location, date: Bolyai College, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest-Hungary. 18-19 March 2017. pp. 25.
    - Khabat Noori-H.; Laszlo Friedrich; Klara Pasztor-Huszar; Richard Pinter; Adrienn Toth; Ferenc Horvath; Csaba Nemeth; Istvan Dalmadi, Effect of allyl isothiocyanate on some quality attribute of chicken breast and legs meat. Book of abstracts. In Eurofoodchem XIX Conference 2017, Conference location, date: Budapest, Hungary, 04-06-October-2017. pp. 183.
    - Khabat Noori-H.; Laszlo Friedrich; Klara Pasztor-Huszar; Csaba Nemeth; Istvan Dalmadi, Evaluation of allyl-isothiocyanate effects on physico-chemical characteristics and microbiological activity in ground chicken breast meat during refrigerated storage Book of abstracts. In 31st EFFoST International Conference (Food Science and Technology Challenges for the
    21st Century - Research to Progress Society),13-16 November 2017 | Melia Sitges, Sitges, Spain.
    - Khabat NOORI-H.; Laszlo FRIEDRICH; Richard PINTER; Adrien TOTH; Istvan DALMADI, (Monitoring the sensorial e-nose based and color properties of chicken meat containing different concentration of Allyl-isothiocyanate (AITC) during chilling and freezing storage, Alps-Adria Scientific Workshop, main subject: future of food safety and security, 9th - 14th April 2018, Hnanice, Czechia
    - Khabat N. Hussein; L. Friedrich; G. Kisko; Cs. Nemeth; R. Pinter, E. Ayari, A. Toth; I. Dalmadi (Evaluation of Linalool and Piperine in controlling water holding capacity and microbiological properties of fresh chicken meat in chilling condition). Third International Conference on Food Science and Technology, 29 Nov - 01 Dec 2018, SZIE Buda Campus, Villányi út 35-43, H-1118 Budapest.
    - Khabat Noori Hussein; Laszlo Friedrich; Gabriella Kisko; Csaba Nemeth; Istvan Dalmadi, Microbiological status and oxidation properties of minced chicken breast meat treated with different concentration of Allyl isothiocyanate. 16th Wellmann International Scientific Conference, entitled “Hello Modern Agriculture!” 9th May 2018, University Of Szeged Faculty Of Agriculture Hungary.
    - Khabat Noori Hussein; Molnár Tímea; Richard Pinter; Adrien Toth; Emna Ayari; Laszlo Friedrich; Istvan Dalmadi and Gabriella Kiskó , In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity Of Plant Active Components Against Pseudomonas Lundensis And Listeria Monocytogenes, BiosysFoodEng - 3rd International Conference on Biosystems and Food Engineering. Budapest, Hungary to held on 4th December be 2019.
    - Attendance to the Agribusiness conference organized by Top Mountain and Funded by USAID-Iraq, Held in Rotana - Erbil, Erbil 26 June 2022.

    Other Activities :
    - Worked with Iraqi Independent High Electoral commission IHEC as station director in (Kurdistan parliament election 25 July 2009) and (Iraq Parliament election in 07 March 2010.
    - Studied English language at English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC)-Edinburgh University, from 4 July 2011 to 8 September 2011.
    - Member of Examination committee for undergraduates, College of agriculture university of Duhok 2013-2014.
    - Activity in animal production dept. for first time poster show for 1st year Students College of agriculture - university of Duhok 21 May 2014.
    - Worked as a manager and owner for poultry farm (capacity 8500 birds) in Sumel-Duhok- Kurdistan region from April to August 2014.
    - Member of committee for supervising 3r year student in summer training for 33 days at different agricultural directorates in Duhok province 24 July 2015 to 1 Sep, 2015
    - Participation in Forum and fair entitled learning to live together (the present and future of citizenship and human right education in Hungary, European youth Centre, council of Europe- Budapest- Hungary, 8-9 December 2017.
    - Participation in workshop entitled ideation workshop for business ideas, climate-KIC held at Anker business center, Budapest- Hungary, 10 April 2019.
    - Worked with AVSI organization as Business Coach in a project entitled ‘Resilience building and income access interventions for Yazidi women, youth and smallholder farmers belonging to vulnerable displaced, refugee and host community populations in Duhok Governorate - AID 12055’ from 27.03.2022 to 14.05.2022.
    - Worked with Save The Children – International - SCI- organization as Trainer in a project entitled ‘Food Security and Livelihood) helping smallholder farmers belonging to vulnerable displaced, refugee and host community populations in Semel, from 07.06.2022 to 30.09.2022.
    - Co-Founder (Vice head of Department of Food Science and Technology) and member of the team established department of Food Science and Technology in College of Agricultural Engineering Sciences, University of Duhok, Kurdistan, Iraq, 2022.

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