Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Muayad Barkat
Dr. Muayad Barkat Vice Dean
Ass. Professor
Philosophy of state and politics
  • University of Mousel                         B.A. in Philosophy                                         2005 University of Almustansaria             M.A. in Political Thought                               2008  University of Almustansaria             Ph.D. in Philosophy of state and politics     2012

    • The philosophy of war and peace when Bertrand Russell, House of Wisdom Magazine.
    • Family and state conflict in the philosophy of Bertrand Russell House of Wisdom Magazine.
    • Peace between politics and morality Amanoial view, The House of Wisdom magazine in a book on the work of the scientific conference (the role of philosophy and the problems of contemporary reality intellectual).
    •  Utopia between Plato and Farabi study in terms of impact and influence magazine philosophical studies.
    •  Kurds between identity and religion (Analytical and Critical Study) ,Turkish Noppear


    •   Philosophy of politics and society, Mardin University magazine, Turkish.

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