A Workshop on how to Fill out a website has been Completed at University of Duhok
Oct. 28, 2019, 10:30 a.m.

The directorate of information services has completed a workshop on filling out websites. With the help of the colleges’ website administrator and the mangers of centers, the manager of information services, Assistant Lecturer Azad Adil, completed this workshop on 07/10/2019.

In this event, Mr. Azad Adil, manager of information services, showed that how to update data on the university’s website, which consists of 18 colleges and 34 directorates and centers, was discussed in the workshop. Each college has its own administrator for the college’s website which has made an account for everyone. It is the website administrator who posts, in three languages; Kurdish, Arabic, and English, about any activities being done in their college.

The manager of information services stated that the most important points were discussed in this workshop. The points were related to the academic teachers’ profiles which need to be updated. We have connections to the directorate of quality assurance and the profiles must be updated there. Each picture and CV must be updated and each teacher must have their own Duhok University account.