Symposium about the new vision Healthy Kurdistan 2030
Oct. 5, 2019, 2:25 p.m.

Health and lifestyle in Kurdistan


In order  to  reduce  the  burden  of lifestyle disease  in Kurdistan  in an efficient   way, major investments   need  to be made  in the  promotion of  health  and  preventive   of lifestyles  related diseases  (so called  non-communicable diseases).  Creating   salutogenic    healthy lifestyle   requires  the  green  infrastructure    that creates   clean  air, clean  water,  clean  food  and clean   land  -  through   water  management    and retention,   natural   heating   and  cooling,  and

renewable  energy -  which  in turn  are necessary  for human  health  and  wellness.


Research  has shown  that  well-designed and people-   friendly  spaces  stimulate   walking, cycling  and  the  use of public  transportation. High levels of greenery also encourage physical activity,   which lowers blood pressure, decreases   the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes,   and prevents, falls in the elderly.

Evidence also shows that attractive and open public spaces reduce mental fatigue and stress.

All these elements contribute to a reduction in the burden of disease, which may eventually reduce the costs of healthcare and increase the resilience of society

Healthy Kurdistan 2030, in Duhok – UoD is an International Symposium brings together interdisciplinary world experts to explore global perspectives of health sciences and the application of local identity to improve health, wellbeing and quality of life in Kurdistan.