Discussions regarding the strengths and weaknesses in the new designed software for the Directorate of quality assurance.
Sept. 14, 2022, 10:21 p.m.

A workshop  was held at the e-learning hall in the Central library of University of Duhok on Sep 08th – 2022. The workshop aimed to re-present the new systemized software to all coordinators from different colleges and to discuss the possibility of application as soon as possible taking advantages and disadvantages in consideration through interactive discussions with the coordinators.  20 coordinators participated from different colleges as well as the management staff from the presidency.

The workshop Presented by Dr. Jalal m. Salih, Quality Assurance coordinator, College of Science and Dr. Sarhat Adem, Director of Quality Assurance.

 During the discussions several notes were pointed out to be discussed with the programmers:

1- After recording the data of any event, and after getting accepted from the coordinator, it is not allowed under any condition to edit or cancel the event by the professor or the instructor.  Cancellation needs acceptance from the coordinator. Few ideas suggested to find a way to cancel or reschedule the events in time by the instructors in coordination with the coordinators to avoid Chaos due to attendance of non-informed invitees regarding changes.

2- Seminars show 2 dates while ideally it should be only one date.

3- Events are sorted from oldest to the newest. It is preferred to be sorted the other way, newest to oldest.

4- Recording the name of the international professor beside the coordinating instructor because normally international staff work in teams with locals, the local instructors specify time, arrange facilities and identify the target groups for the internationals.

5- Giving the space to the international staff to comment and report on the activity.

6- Suggestions to show the type of the event if it is ether seminar, workshop, training course, conference….etc. while clicking on the events.

7- Few instructors prefer receiving notifications as emails, others prefer going to the portal to get informed about the events. The suggestion was sending notifications depending on the group's classification (colleges) to avoid massive unwanted emails. The instructors who wish to get informed about activities in other colleges can find them saved on the portal.

8- Most of the coordinators agreed on one point that success of this system depends on the support from higher levels starting from the president of UoD. Therefore the need to present this system to the University council is highly recommended to get acknowledged about the complications that might happen in case of duplication or cancelling an event due to pushing other non-planned events. Most coordinators pointed out that deans of faculties and high ranked officers request urgent events in short notice that might affect other scheduled events.

09- There are some categories that dislike the new system and minimize their activities to the lowest level due to the complicated requirements of the new system.  Others feel optimistic towards the changes.

10- Need to create different levels of admins who control the system.

12- Continue working with the old system until the new one gets activated.