How to write the script of media and dealing with the website of Duhok University
Sept. 5, 2019, 12:21 p.m.

A Workshop entitled “How to write the Script of Media and Dealing with the Website of Duhok University?”  is going to be conducted on Monday the 7th of Oct. 2019 at the Cultural Center, in Malta at 10:00 A.M .This workshop will be delivered by the Director of the Information Services Directorate Mr.Azad Adil  Shareef -Assistant Lecturer ,on the following axis written down below:

  1. The Website of University of Duhok generally and its works particularly.
  2. How to publish the news of the University?
  3. E-mail System.
  4. How to make E-mails and the Profiles of the entire academic Lecturer at our University.
  5. Connecting the Link of Website with the Facebook of each and every College.