4 days workshop on the subject of "Genocide"
July 11, 2019, 10:05 a.m.

The American Corner-Duhok will host a 4 days workshop on the subject of "Genocide", where participants will learn about genocide and its relation to history, psychology, as well as socioeconomic and political life.

The workshop will be presented by Mr. Mohammed Hasan Hussein, a UoD student and Assistant to the Manager of the Center of Genocide, UoD.

The workshop will include the following topics:

Day 1: An Introduction to Genocide 11/7/2019

Day 2 : Psychology of Genocide 18/7/2019

Day 3: The Impact of Genocide on Sociopolitical and Economic Life 25/7/2019

Day 4: Legal Obligations against Genocide Crimes 1/8/2019