President Duhoky Participates in Urban Economy Forum

 Prof. Dr. Mosleh Duhoky participated in the 3rd Urban Economy Forum which was held on the 16th of Feb. 2021, as a virtual meeting, under title “housing industry and Urban Recovery in the Post COVID19 World’. The forum participants were dignitaries and people with influence from different parts of the world. He Participated in the meeting as a member of the Steering Board of Urban Economy for 2021.

In his speech Prof. Duhoky has highlighted the important of this forum to pinpoint what is needed to solve the urban economy issues after the current pandemic. He mentioned that “Having a decent home is a human right. Housing is also essential to show not only a human right on its own, and also show human dignity and wellbeing”.

The forum covered the many crises that affected our globe not only Covid-19 but also the climate change which it is another converging crisis that the humanity suffers from. The forum suggested better integration between new normal and social, environmental and economical and urban development issues. Some in-depth reflections were made. 

Having home is an essential goal for every family. Housing has always been a priority and important matter for survival against natural disasters. It is also the first line of defense against extreme events and crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Homes are essential for accessing, sanitation, transportation, mailing, water and energy, and other public services. The Urban Economy Forum under the title Housing Industry and Urban Recovery in Post Covid-19 World is very thoughtful and it wouldn’t come at a better time, after the world severely hit by the current Pandemic of COVID 19 and other crises.

Having a decent home is a human right. Housing is also essential to show not only a human right on its own, and also show human dignity and wellbeing.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic and its status of emergency worldwide, more than 4 billion were affected in one way or another. The advices or orders of different goverments are stay at home to eliminate the effect of the virus. 

The forum will tackle a serious crisis like poverty, inequality and marginalization need to be addressed in one way or another, to avoid that new situation of the pandemic increase the urban divide among different populations.

In Iraq in General and Kurdistan in particular , and as far as the Iraqi economy is concerned,  with rapid population growth, so there is  a rapidly increasing housing needs. Also, Iraq went through different political turmoil for last four decades, these crises cause drastic change in social fabric and social economic stability. The result is huge migration within Iraqi territory and outside. This cause major displacement and huge numbers of people have no housing and they lives in camps.

We are looking forward to discussing a realistic programme of affordable housing for families that do not have stable housing unit.

I wish the forum fruitful discussions and great result to beat the effect of the Pandemic and other natural and man-made crise

 1) A large-scale scientific survey, to be conducted by the relevant governmental unit(s), assisted by a UN agency such as the UNDP, to uncover the percentage and number of the Iraqi families who are at or below poverty line, and who are owning no residential unit.

2) The formulation of a realistic programme of affordable housing for the families who own no housing units. The distribution of the residential units to the families concerned is strictly conditional upon a commitment to family planning...Needless to add that, a serious and general family planning programme in Iraq in the past (since the mid 1950s) and now (February 2021) is a socio-economic and environmental necessity...