Final evaluation of Tenders - Final decision about QA software provider
Sept. 29, 2022, 12:59 p.m.

The decision regarding the evaluation procedure for the supplier of the project software has been successfully concluded on Sep 20- 2022. The final evaluation process has been done by all Kurdish universities depending on the criteria outlined in a specific table already established for this purpose. Awrosoft got the maximum score according to the evaluation criteria and they will be the supplier for developing and delivering the software on quality assurance in research, third mission and student services.

UNIMED contacted Awrosoft, the winning company, to ask their acceptance of the commitment and will also inform the other companies that were not selected.

The contract with Awrosoft will be signed by Salaheddin University on behalf of all the Kurdish partners. UNIMED will support Salaheddin University in defining the contract and will follow up with them during this process.  Additionally, an online meeting will be organized with Awrosoft and the Kurdish partners where they can present themselves and their work plan for the software development.