Eighth Design Day at The College of Engineering

Design Day is an annual activity at The College of Engineering, University of Duhok. It is usually held during the second semester of the academic year. Students prepare their designs to be exhibited and evaluated in this event.

The College of Engineering held its eighth Design Day on May, 5th, 2021. The exhibition was launched by the president of the university with the attendance of a number of the university council members and people specialized in the relevant field. 

The dean of the college, Dr. James Hasdo stated “this exhibition is held annually. Students from the different departments (Civil Engineering, Water Resources, Architecture, Electricity and Computer, Mechanic, Biomedical, and Cartography) at our college take part in this event.”

 The dean of the college added that the benefit of the activity is that it enhances the relationship between the university and the private sector in that it creates job opportunities to the students participate in the activity, the projects also get the chance to be carried out in the future. Each department made its own committee to evaluate and show the mechanism of carrying out the projects. For this purpose, each committee had two members, one from private sector companies and another from the governmental institutions