University of Duhok Center of Corona and Infectious Diseases Tests and Researches

A Center of Corona and Infectious Diseases Tests and Researches has been established at the University of Duhok. The center was opened by the Minister of Health, Dr. Saman Barzanchi, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Researches, Dr. Aram Mohammad Qader, and the president of the University of Duhok.

In a press conference, Dr. Aram Mohammad Qader, stated that opening this center is an undeniable contribution in the field of health in this city. “It is worth mentioning that since the pandemic Corona virus started, has had an important role coordinating with Ministry of Health in offering such services unto the citizens.”

On his part, Dr. Saman barzanchi, thanked Dr. Aram and had a high praise for creating this center at the university referring to the great role of the Ministry of Higher Education. Dr. Barzanchi mentioned that there will be joint projects with the Ministry of Health.

The Supervisor of the labs of Corona in Duhok and the university professor, Dr. Jasim Abdo, stated that the center’s mission is to conduct researches about the cases of Corona together with vaccines that are being offered. He also mentioned that a board of specialized team will be responsible of this center. In addition to that, the post graduate students in this field are going to carry out their studies and researches at the center.

The Minister of Higher Education, visited the departments and units of the administration at the university in order to be informed of the process of the improvements at the university.