The German Minister of Science, Research and Arts Meets the President of UoD
يوليو 20, 2017, 3:02 م

During his academic mission to Germany the President of the University of Duhok Prof. Mosleh Duhoky along with Prof. Kizilhan and Dr. Mamo Othman had a productive meeting with her Excellency Ms. Theresia Bauer, the Minister of Science, Research and the Arts at the German State of Baden-Wurttemberg. The visit lasts for two hours with her Excellency and also with the different German media and press.

During the visit Prof. Duhoky stressed on the importance of accepting second badge of MSc. Students at our new Institute of Psychotherapy and Psycho-traumatology.  This institute is initiated last year after the visit of Prof. Mosleh Duhoky to the German Minister in Baden Wurttemberg, in Germany. The Institute of Psychotherapy and Psycho-traumatology is sponsored by the German ministry of Science, Research and Arts and officially opened at the University of Duhok During 2016. This institute offers unique degrees within the Iraqi Educational system.

Prof. Mosleh Duhoky also suggested to her Excellency to initiate a research center that is connected to the Institute of Psychotherapy and Psycho-traumatology and make use of the German experts in this field to serve and train our staff. He mentioned that the proposed research center in Psychotherapy and Psycho-traumatology is very much needed within our community as our region went through hard times during the dictatorship era and during fighting against ISIS. He added this research center will have direct and indirect impact on the society with great outcomes, and this is the mission of the university of Duhok.

Prof. Duhoky invited her Excellency Ms. Bauer to visit our region and our university to see first hand the development of the institute,  Her Excellency promised to visit our  Region and our university in February 2018, along with the President of Stuttgart University.