A Few Words to Celebrate the First 100 Days
Nov. 28, 2021, 9:05 a.m.

After spending 100 days as a President of the University of Duhok, I deem it important to address the academic staff, the employees, and the students of the University of Duhok and enlighten them of all the work we have conducted and the decisions we have made so far.

Since I startrd this position, I have paid all possible effort to convey my vision and have endeavored to work to enhance the University of Duhok at all levels including the following points:

  • Promoting the scientific capacities of the university graduates.
  • The accomplishment of scientific research that settles persistent issues in the society.
  • The creation of inter-organizational relationships with social sectors.

To achieve these goals, a number of meetings and gatherings with the boards of most colleges, representatives of academic staffs, heads of scientific departments, directors of various centers, and representatives of students have been conducted. Additionally, seven meeting with the university board have been held to discuss their opinions and perform required action to support the core values of the university. Related to this, a number of decisions have been made:

  • The cancelation of the evening study for the year (2021-2022) following a pilot plan that is supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.
  • The extension of the morning study hours with influencing teachers’ load.
  • The extension of the evening study hours for 6 hours, taking the improvement of study quality into consideration.
  • Giving assent to teachers of the University of Duhok to teach in other private and governmental universities one day per week.
  • Increasing the number of subjects to be re-taken (e’bor) in the study stages in which the education system has been changed.
  • Rewarding the teachers who have promoted to professors in the last two years.
  • Rewarding the teachers who have achieved projects and patents in the UoD.
  • The University of Duhok anniversary has been revived and it is decided to be a university costmary act.

 Other decisions made by the UoD board include:

  • The organization of the UoD teachers, employees and students commuting to and from the university campus and the inauguration of two continual bus lines.
  • Increasing the greenery on UoD the campus.
  • Increasing the UoD income through the augmentation of production by the private sector.
  • The rearrangement of the central library in the UoD.
  • Holding annual workshops in all colleges in collaborations with private and governmental sectors and NGOs.
  • Return of university teachers to their scientific departments according to their specialties.

In addition to the above-mentioned activities, substantial work has been put in effect to support students’ dormitories and on campus accommodations. Furthermore, the shops in the students’ center have been closed down to give more space to students’ extracurricular activities.

In conclusion, a word of gratitude should be extended to all the members of the UoD board for their efforts and hard work and for their support to my vision as the President of the University of Duhok. A word of gratitude is also extended to the representatives of the university teachers and the Students’ Union for the great roles they have been playing in conveying my vision and message. Moreover, I would like to thank all UoD teachers, administrative staff, and directors of UoD centers for their consideration and cooperation. 

I have a firm belief that, together, we can take the University of Duhok to a prominently higher level. Wish you all success.

Dr. Dawood Sulaiman Atrushi

The President of the University of Duhok