President Office
June 7, 2017, 1:25 a.m.

                                        Dilshad Taha Meero
Dilshad Taha Meero Director +964 (0) 7504736295

The organizational structure of the University of Duhok gave to the university president's office an important position at the university, and the importance is that office is directly link to the President of the university. Where the staff of office consists of director who runs the office that holds a master degree and a group of employees. Office functions to identify and organize schedules of presidents with official bodies and the auditors of university professors and staff within the university. It follows secret pen and office secretaries and a group of cadres working in other areas to facilitate the work of the office. The office also receives mail for the President of the university in addition to the official office directed to and from the university president. The Office enjoys directorate within the organizational structure at the university.

The office receives all faculties’ meetings Lecturer and then sends Lecturer to the certain authorities.