President of University

The City of Duhok is the center of Duhok Governorate in the Kurdistan Region. It is located beautifully between two mountain ranges and has a very old history within the Kurdistan Region as revealed by the archeological monuments. The Kurdish society in Duhok enjoys the peace, harmony and equality characteristic of the whole Kurdistan Region. Security in Duhok has been crucial for the development of our university towards internationalization.

Over the last two decades since its establishment in 1992, The University of Duhok (UoD) has had a great social and cultural impact on the Governorate of Duhok in particular, and the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in general. Our university has supplied the region with graduates in the different fields of pure sciences, medical sciences, agriculture, engineering, arts and humanities. We can proudly say that the UoD has factored strongly in the rebuilding effort and modernization of the Kurdish society. The UoD is focused on consolidating its academic performance in teaching and research and in providing the public and private sectors with the needed consultations and expertise. 

The current student population in the UoD exceeds 18067, divided nearly equally between males and females. There are nearly 1260 academic staff members and 2205 administrative staff. There are eleven faculties, twenty four schools and sixty scientific departments covering a wide spectrum of disciplines. Each of the faculties has a research center as well as professional consulting bureaus. There is a wide range of programs of international cooperation in the UoD with universities in the US, Europe and Asia. These programs include joint research, exchange of academic staff and postgraduate students including split-site Ph.D. programs.    

Our mission is to support the economic, social, cultural and environmental development in the Duhok Governorate, Kurdistan Region and Iraq through the continuous supply of quality graduates and research in the different specializations. We will continue to provide the region with quality graduates who can compete in the modern globalized world and fulfill the 21st Century needs of modern society. We implement the Quality Assurance system of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan Region. Finally, our core values at the UoD are integrity, honesty, transparency, diversity, equity, responsibility, respect and collaboration.

Prof. Dr. Mosleh Duhoky

University of Duhok