European Forum Alpbach
Jan. 20, 2017, 5:32 p.m.

The European Forum Alpbach was founded in 1945 by Otto Molden, who had been active in the Austrian resistance movement. More than 4,000 people from over 70 countries accept the invitation to participate in the European Forum Alpbach each year. The events are held in the small village of Alpbach.

Last year, during European Forum Alpbach 2016 – New Enlightenment, Kurds participated in the forum for the first time; and 10 Kurdish students were the scholarship holders for EFA16; but only 6 of them made it to the Alpbach. After their participation and getting back from Alpbach to Kurdistan, two of the participated students were elected as Ambassadors of the forum in the Kurdistan Region, their main mission will be spreading the word about European Forum Alpbach, targeting those who would benefit from such an event and who would bring value to the EFA pool of ideas.

"The spirit of Alpbach is something real," says Zhigger Abozaid, "And if you want to feel this spirit and to understand the real meaning of diversity, I would tell you to participate in the European Forum Alpach, a place where all voices are heard, where every ideas are shared and all amazing events are taking place in one great area within the heart of Europe – Alpach. I'm pretty sure that everyone wants that once-in-a-lifetime chance to feel the real spirit of Alpbach, happy faces and that huge think-tank community where any ideas, anyone from anywhere are being accepted and welcomed in this amazing forum!"

When I participated this year," Continues the Ambassador of the forum in Kurdistan Region, "Which was the first time for me, I thought I would not be good enough since I came from a total different world – Kurdistan Region/Iraq; but I was wrong about it, because people were so enthusiastic about me being there, everyone pushed me further, everyone were so helpful in every ways – I felt connected and being surrounded by a real family! It gave me hope that we too, can be great in spite of where you came from, and all it takes is a little courage to speak up!"

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European Forum Alpbach Ambassador – Kurdistan Region

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Photo by: Andrei Pungovschi and Maria Noisternig