Academic Staff

                                        Ihsan Husain Mohammed Ali
Ihsan Husain Mohammed Ali Teaching staff
  • PhD in Molecular Physiology, UOD, Iraq.
    MSc in Medical Physiology, UoD, Iraq.
    BSc in Vet. Med, UoD, Iraq.

  • 1. Role of Chromogranin A in the Assessment of Sympathetic Activity After Acute MI.
    2. Effect of Diabetes on Pulmonary Function.
    3. Assessment of inflammatory markers & malondialdehyde in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome
    4. Pulmonary function and its correlation with serum iron levels in women at the third trimester of pregnancy
    5. Nigella sativa aqueous and hydro-methanol extracts act as a novel blocker for angiotensin ii receptor type i
    6. Bronchodilator activity of ethyl acetate extract of Nigella Sativa

  • Impact of orientin and vitexin on diabetes

  • - Built a collaborative and friendly classroom environment using and inforcing behavior guides , team teaching and interactive learning.
    - 17 years as lecturer Teaching physiology, CV module, M&R Module, Resp. Module and GIT Module.

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  •   0750 499 9065

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