Academic Staff

                                        Halben Ismt Mohammed
Halben Ismt Mohammed
Assistant Lecturer
Plant pathology-fungal taxonomy
  • *Bachelor  in plant protection- college of agriculture -University of  Mosel 2007-2008.

    *Master of fungal taxonomy -University of duhok 2014.

  • 1- M.Sc. Thesis entitled “mycobiota associated with fresh harvesting wheat grains from duhok prvince –Kurdistan region of Iraq”.

    2- New records of fungi on wheat grains from Iraq.,jurnal of university of Zakho,Vol.2(A),No.2,Pp 37-46,2014.

    3-mycobiota associated with grains of soft wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)cultivars grown in duhok province,Kurdistan region , Iraq.,  Journal of Agricultural Technology Vol. 12(1):91-104. 2016.

    4- Seed-borne fungi of durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf) cultivars grown in Duhok province, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, ZJPAS (2017), 29 (s4); 300-309.

     5-evaluation of different methods for detection of seed-borne fungi on local wheat cultivars from duhokprovince,Kurdistan region ,Iraq.

  • 1-fungal taxonomy

    2-plant pathology

  • 1-Teaching undergraduate courses in mycology in plant protection Dept.

    2- Teaching undergraduate courses in field crop diseases in plant protection Dept and field crop dept.

    3-Teaching undergraduate courses in  post harvest diseases in plant protection Dept.

    4-Teaching undergraduate courses in  diagnosis technique of plant diseases in plant protection Dept.

    5-Teaching undergraduate courses in  economic insects in Agricultural extension Dept

    6-Teaching undergraduate courses in principles of plant protection in soil and water Dept.

  • Second  scientific agricultural conference  , University of  Duhok . April 26-27, 2016

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