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                                        Asmer Ahmed Yosif
Asmer Ahmed Yosif
Agricultural science/ plant pathology
  • *Bachelor of Agriculture Science in forest department by the college of agriculture -University of  Duhok 2004

    *Master of plant pathology-plant protection department -University of duhok

    1. Reduction of the pathogenic propagules of Fusarium proliferatum by solar and combined soil amendments.
    2. Reduction ofRhizoctonia solani propagules by solar and combined soil amendments.
    3. Effect of soil solarization and amendments on survival of Macrophomina phaseolina
    4. Effect of solarization and amendments on the pine damping off and soil properties.
    5. Productivity and susceptibility of corn hybrids accompanied with artificial inoculums of common smut Ustilago maydis.
    6. Soil recolonization by saprophytic fungi after solarization and soil amendments.
    7. Saprophytic Competition of Soil Microflora and Rhizoctonia solani in the Rotating Amended Composts  Planted by Tomato

  • IPM, post- harvest diseases, forest pathology, and general plant pathology

  • Forest pathology

    Post- harvest diseases


    Field crop diseases

  • Teaching, supervise on student project, researcher 

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