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July 10, 2018, 5:41 p.m.

The University of Duhok,

College of Spatial Planning and Applied Sciences

Department of Spatial Planning

The Joint Bachelor Degree Program in Spatial Planning

University of Duhok- TU Dortmund University



Duhok University                                                                          TU- Dortmund

 Project Leader: Prof. Dr. Muslih Duhoky                               Project leader: Prof. Dr. Ditwald Gruehn

Head of Dept.: Dr. Maha Malaika                                         Coordinator: Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu



PLIQ (IRAQ PROJECT)   PLIQ - Planning Education for Iraq

In February 2009 the German and Iraqi governments signed a Memorandum of Understanding on higher education. Five German universities were commissioned to develop specific cooperation with Iraqi partner universities. The Faculty of Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund was tasked to design education and research components in the field of Spatial Planning.
The project is part of the DAAD funded programme "Strategic Academic Partnership with Iraq".
During the first project phase from 2009 - 2011 the network between five partner universities has been established. The first group of 10 Bachelor students arrived in Dortmund to conduct their studies in Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund University, workshops were held to develop joint goals and strategies for a Bachelor in Planning education as well as three joint conferences which were organized in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
The second phase, of the PLIQ program started in 2012, it was dedicated to the establishment of a Bachelor Program in Spatial Planning at the University of Duhok in Iraq, starting in Autum 2012. Furthermore, joint research activities have been strengthened and successful cooperation such as the joint conferences, training programs have continued throughout.

The Department of Spatial Planning.
The Department of Spatial Planning (SP) in The University of Dohuk was established in June, 2007. The first group of postgraduate students was taken from Kurdistan's four governorates. They embarked on their studies leading to the degree of Higher Diploma in planning since April, 2007. SP started its M.Sc. program in 2009 and a Ph.D. program in 2012. The PhD program is active now including   students who will continue their joint studies with TU- Dortmund and support the future need of spatial planning staff in the different specialties of the department.

 The objectives
The prime aim of the Spatial Planning Department is to provide the Kurdistan Region with highly qualified spatial planners with different academic backgrounds to cater for the myriad of needs of the people of Kurdistan, and to keep a sustainable development transcending into a modern society of the 21st Century. To specify and prioritize the developmental short and long term needs of the Kurdish society both in local and regional spatial contexts. To draw up plans for sustainable development which account for and optimize between the different aspects of Land-use, social, economic, political, environmental, scientific, engineering, and educational issues, taking into consideration their conflicting demands in spatial geographic domains.

 Bachelor Programme "Urban and Regional Planning"

The start of the Bachelor Programme in the University of Duhok was announced in autumn 2012 the first batch started their preparation courses in November.

The Faculty of Spatial Planning at TU Dortmund was founded in 1969, the first institution of this type in Germany. It pursues an interdisciplinary approach to planning, integrating all spatial levels. This planning philosophy has gained an exemplary national and international reputation, and is currently the biggest educational facility for spatial planners in Europe.

Within the joint project, the main task of the German and Iraqi – Kurdistan partner universities is to design a new Bachelor Programme for Spatial Planning Studies for Iraq. As the eight-semester programme "Urban and Regional Planning" is developed jointly by the German Faculty of Spatial Planning and the Iraqi universities of Baghdad, Diyala, Duhok and Mosul it benefits from the experiences of both countries. To ensure that it matches the Iraqi and Kurdistan demands. The curriculum. Consists of 18 Modules containing multi- disciplinary fields related to spatial planning.

The total number of the current students in all 4 stages of the study, plus the preparatory English basic stage is 107 students. The first group of 22 students will graduate in May 14th 2017.

The summer school

Every Year the 3rd year stage are accompanied by two lecturers to attend Summer Program studying "the Planning System in Germany" for 35 days in Germany- Dortmund. The program is part of the joint agreement between the two universities which enables the students to experience the German planning system as well as German higher education with TU Dortmund as exemplary institution of German higher learning.

The summer program consists of three parts:

  • The first two weeks are in Tu-Dortmund attending lectures and excursions about planning systems in Germany
  • The second part is in Berlin including a visit to the State Department
  • The third part is in Hamburg related to Transportation Planning in Germany

The experience is a unique one for students and a successful opportunity for cultural and educational exchange.

 Summer school 2015                                                                                                                    

Dr. Maha Al-Malaika : Head of Spatial Planning Department and Mr. Jambaly Abdullah accompanied  the 24 students of the 3rd year stage to attend Summer Program studying "the Planning System in Germany" for 35 days in Germany- Dortmund from 15th May till 21st June.         

Summer school 2016       Dr. Shreen Ismail and Mr. Ali Ibrahim accompanied the 11 students of the 3rd year stage to attend Summer Program studying "the Planning System in Germany" for 35 days in Germany-Dortmund from 15th April till 21st May.                                                                                        

Summer School 2018       Dr. Muhamed Jalal and Mr. Hussein Hamid with administrative Waad Doski and 28  students. of 3rd stage attended Summer Program studying "the Planning System in Germany" for 35 days in Germany-Dortmund from 15th May till 22nd June.

Training Program for teaching staff                                                                                        

Each year the staff members of the Spatial Planning department/ College of Spatial Planning and Applied Science attend a two week training program in TU-Dortmund University in Germany, as part of the PLIQ program under DAAD agreement with Duhok University.  It includes intensive course of teaching methods, and discussions about the co- teaching activities between the two universities staff, as well as the online tutoring activity using the Moodle software. This training is useful for the staff to gain knowledge in new trends of teaching to enrich the Bachelor program of Spatial Planning with a joint certificate between Duhok and Tu-Dortmund universities.

The Staff Training Program 2015                                                                 The Staff Training Program 2016

  Duration time: 10.09 - 19.09. 2015 Dortmund                                                                                  Duration time: 18.07-29.07.2016 Dortmund

Symposium  January 8 – 12, 2018, Dortmund     

Based on the invitation from DAAD and the Department  of Spatial Planning, TU Dortmund University . As part of the Joint Bachelor Program between both Universities. The head of Spatial Planning department Dr. Maha Malaika  with 13 staff members from Duhok University, and five newly graduates accompanied by the general directors of Physical Planning, Municipalities, and Duhok Municipality, spent a five day symposium in Germany TU- Dortmund University .The program consisted of scientific research , CO- teaching discussions and excursions. Two Key notes speeches were delivered by Professor Prof. Dr. Dietwald Gruehn and Dr. Maha Malaika , then the participants discussed four different  planning topics in groups.

Satial Planning Department Staff members



TU- Dortmund

Dr. Maha J. Malaiaka

Dr. Muhammed Jalal Noori

Dr. Shreen Younis Ismael

Dr. Nasreen Barwari

Dr. Obey Al-Wattar

Dr. Jian Hassanpour

Dr. Mohamad Aqiqi

PhD Students

Mrs. Ayhan Jamal

Mr. Hussein Hamid

Mr. Jambally Abdullah

Mr. Pires Husam A.

Mr. Qaidar Namo

Mrs. Perjeen Safar M.

Mr. Ali Ibrahim M.

Mrs Diman Al-Doski


Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu

Dr. Volker Kreibich

Prof. Dr. Einhard Schmidt Kallert

Dr. Shahadat Hossein

Dr. Bryce Lawrence

Dr. Heike Wendt


Scientific Committee Members / Department of Spatial Planning

Dr. Maha AlMalika: Head of Department

Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu: TU- Dortmund Coordinator

Dr. Muhammed Jalal Aldeen:  Member

Dr. Nesreen Barwari:  Member                      

Dr. Shireen Younis:   Member

Dr. Jian Hassanpour:   Member

 2nd Graduation Group of 2017-2018


Students Names     


Mohammed Abdullah Younis


Alaa Masoud Mahmood


Lava NashwanRamziBaban


Shavger Ahmed Ali


Ava Mohammed Salih Hameed


Penaz Spendary


Majeed Arshad Mohammed


Somaz Taher Hamad Ameen


Nawar Saeed Khdhir Al-Khalaf


Solin Othman Abozayd


Rafi Miran Yousif

  2nd Graduation group   2016-2017 Summer School

 1st Graduated Group  2016-2017  


Students Names 1st Graduation Group of 2016-2017                                       









Students Names  

Ali Hussein Hasan



Students Names  

Ehsan Sadiq Muhsen


Nwivan Nechirvan Ahmed


Khaled Khedir Ahmmed


Jameel Nawaf Hasan


Zana Norori Ahmed


Areen Abdulkhaliq Sabri


Ismail Salih Tahir


Dakhel Saedo Hamoo


Dilwar Jamel Muhammed


Mand Mahmood Hamoo


Saadow Haji Hamoo


Frat Khalaf Kuti


Sherzad Rasheed Mirza


Vajeen Kawa Mahmood


Jamil Kemo Alias


Saeed Saleem Sabree


Mohammed Jarallah Hammo


Vaheen Ezzat Findi


Sadeeq Khdher Khalaf




Khonav Zeerak Azezkhan                           Basil Haji Gerdo


Hozan Faris Rasheed