Stabilization of Water Supply and Sanitation Services
Aug. 26, 2018, 1:16 p.m.
  1. Name of project

Stabilization of Water Supply and Sanitation Services for refugees, IDPs and residence of Duhok governorate


  1. Start date

15 March 2018


  1. Lifetime of the project

9 months


  1. Partners
  • Directorate of Water Duhok
  • Directorate of Water Outskirts Duhok
  • Directorate of Sewerage Duhok
  • Board of Relief and Humanitarian Affairs (BRHA)


  1. Funder name

The Federal German Government, GIZ/SWSS project


  1. Grant holder

University of Duhok, Department of Spatial Planning and Applied Sciences


  1. Budget for the last year

80,000 euro


  1. Benefit for the society

To support IDPs, refugees and the host communities in Duhok Governorate with the objective of developing two humanitarian scenarios for the water and sanitation sector in order to tackle the current challenges as well as a comprehensive strategy for the water sector in light of these challenges.


  1. Short description

The fast population growth in Duhok city, large influx of Syrian Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) due to ISIS into the governorate, urbanization and the change in lifestyle led to the increase in water demand by the citizens. The increase of water consumption led to pressure on current quantity of water. There is a need to consider the different expected scenarios facing the water sector considering the future of IDPs in Duhok.

This study investigates and analyzes the Displaced/Refugees willingness or ability to return to their places of origin to better understand the dynamics involved; in turn, identify trends that will allow more targeted interventions. Attention should be given to the issue of Water Services sustainability in Duhok governorate by investigating:

- Population projection in light of the current IDPs/Refugees caseload in the governorate

- Future of IDPs/Refugees and their locations
- Capacity of the governorate water resources to meet the increased demand
- Water consumption management

- Management and control of regional water resources
- Construction of new infrastructure to increase capacity and water supply for the future.