Meditic Slovakia
Sept. 8, 2020, 1:18 p.m.

Kosice Slovakia 1st -14th September 2019

We’re Mina Wissam Idwar and Sahand Jameel Khalid, medical students in university of Duhok from Kurdistan region of Iraq.

We’ve been chosen to participate in MediTec project that was hold in Kosice Slovakia which aimed to share both theoretical and practical methodological experiences in modern medical education which was done by teachers and doctors in a period of two weeks in Pavol Jozef Safarika university.

And here are some details about the project:

We started on Monday 2nd sep. by registration and then we took a theory lecture about human anatomy, the subject was about thoracic wall, boundaries and structures which was delivered by dr.Ingrid Hodorova , she explained and showed us figures and all were very beneficial. We then went to anatomy lab. They gave us lab coats and there we were able to see the structure we studied on cadavers since there was 2 cadavers and also separated organs, and we also took a second practical lab. Where we’ve been taught about heart, lungs and brain.

The second day of training was about Embryology and Histology, in the morning we took embryology lecture about nervous tissue development delivered by Dr. Eva Mechirova and then we went to histology lab. Where each of us had his/her own microscope and also a file contains many slides of human tissues and there we were able to see different body structures like trachea, spinal cord , cerebellum and skin with its appendages through two practical sessions which again was a very beneficial day.

3rd day of training was about Nursing care , a theory lecture given by dr.Lunica Dimunova about how to wash hands before doing operation and also how to wear surgical gloves, in the form of videos , a practical part that was about types pf bandages how to apply bandages for different types pf injuries and there we were able to train that ourselves and it was skillful , a second practical part was about how to withdraw blood , how to put canula and how to do injections where we could do so on simulators.

About 4th day the subjects were Medical biophysics given by dr.Imrich Geci about ultrasound physical characteristics , mechanism of working , advantages and disadvantages , its types and its applicability in medicine

In the same day we attended biophysics lab. Where we were able to try doppler ultrasound to each other and we calculated the flow and velocity of blood flow.

The 2nd theoretical lecture was given to us that same day on Experimental Medicine by dr.Jana Stofilova which maily was about researches and the research they are working on now “Modulation of gut microbiome in prevention and treatment of chronic diseases”, recent understanding of human gut microbiome and its rule in chronic disease , microbiological and molecular techniques for the analysis of gut microbiome and so .

A practical session of experimental medicine was supposed to be given in the next day but for some reason we did it the same day and in which we did DNA electrophoresis and we saw many bacteria on agar plates and their culture method.


Day 5 was about medical physiology, dr.Viliam Donic gave us an informative lecture about physiology of vision

End of week 1.

Week 2, day 1 : Monday (9.9.2019) first we were given a theoretical lecture about Public Health and Hygiene by prof. Kvetoslava Rimárová concentrating on elementary risk factors in the work of health care workers, then we took a practical session with the same professor about self-evaluation of chronic diseases including cardiovascular diseases and the related risk factors, it was a very interesting lecture with new information for us, after that we had a theoretical lecture in Gynaecology and Obstetrics given by prof. Peter Urdzík about Simulations in Gynaecology and Obstetrics.

In the 2nd day we started with a theoretical lecture about Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine with prof. Jozef Firment. Vital Function Failure, Airway management, Pre-anaesthetic Evaluation & Preparation before Anaesthesia Premedication, Risk of Anaesthesia and Anaesthetic Chart, it was very beneficial for us especially knowing how to give basic life support and doing ABCs. After that we took another theoretical lecture about Global environmental issues - air pollution and impact on health. Evaluation of environmental pollution in Slovak republic, possible field visit in Public Health Institute, then we took a practical session in Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine about types of anesthesia, techniques or regional anesthesia and how to manage acute and chronic pain.

The 3rd day was about Surgery, prof. Jozef Radoňak gave us a lecture about simulations in surgery, then we had another lecture in Forensic medicine about the official Concept of Forensic Medicine. Medical aspects of death, The examination of wounds. Blunt and sharp injuries, Regional injuries, Effects of injury, Drugs of dependence and abuse. After that we had a very interesting practical session in Gynecology and Obstetrics about Practical trainings in gynaecology simulations, where we were taught about labour and we apply this knowledge on simulators we used speculum and vacuum for delivery , and we also learnt how to suture endoscopically using a machine simulator.

In the 4th day we had two practical sessions in Forensic medicine, the first one was about Medico-legal investigation of deaths, Death certification, The estimation of the time of death, and we visited forensic lab and saw specialized doctors dissecting two dead person and through the second session they taught us the types of autopsies, identification of the living and dead. blood stains, groups, DNA identification, evaluation of histopathological findings in forensic medicine and immunohistochemistry all was very informative with new knowledge for us. After that we had a practical session in Anaesthesiology and Intesive Medicine about patient monitoring during anaesthesia & ICU and acute poisoning - first aid.

The last day was about Dental medicine starting with a lecture about Stomatology and maxillofacial surgery, tools and simulations in education of dental medicine at UPJS Faculty of Medicine, then we took a practical session about practical training of preclinical subject of dental medicine - propaedeutic of dental medicine, Practical training of conservative medicine, prosthetics, dentoalveolar surgery on models, on trainers.

Finally, we received our certifications at Pavol Jozef Safarik University, Faculty of Medicine with prof. Jaroslav Majerník.