Plant Molecular Biology Program
Oct. 31, 2022, 4:53 a.m.

Plant Molecular Biology Program



Over the last few decades plant molecular biology and plant genomics has been studied extensively particularly those involving the application of molecular markers in DNA fingerprinting /profiling, characterization of genetic variability, population genetics, taxonomy, plant breeding and diagnostics. In addition, these markers are used in genetic characterizations of different germplasms. In plant molecular program, research activities include the study of variety and cultivars identification of economically important plants as well as the land race species in Duhok governorate and Kurdistan region, using different DNA markers. This program also runs DNA sequencing research that forms the basis for gene identification within large genomic datasets. This program has recently initiated a research line including one of the most basic techniques of molecular biology and that is gene cloning experiments to pave the way for isolation and study of a number of genes of interest.  The laboratory of this program is well equipped and forms a suitable and friendly atmosphere for researchers as well as for postgraduate students.

Team Members

Name                              Academic  Title     Position

Dr. Avesta Mohamed Ali                     Lecturer                 Team Leader

Dr. ShaymaaHadi Ali                            Lecturer                 Member

Ms. Dalal Yousif Khder                        PhD. Student         Member

Miss. SabryaJarjees Zuber                 Assist. Lecturer      Member


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