Directorate of Maintenance and Technical Services.
Oct. 13, 2019, 12:47 p.m.

The directorate is one of the directorates in the University dedicated to providing efficient and effective
service offering to all university parts. It is established with a ministerial order in 2012.
This Directorate is responsible for providing maintenance and technical services to all colleges,
directorates, and centers belong to the University of Duhok. The services include but not limited to fixing
electrical, water supply, and sanitary faults. It is also responsible for providing all technical issues of cars
and other mechanical units such as a generator that includes supplying fuels and other relevant concerns.
Our duties extended to accommodate technical renovating for buildings, cooling, and heating system,
maintenance of roads and managing university gates.
The main divisions or units of the directorate are Administration, Electrical, Technical, Fuels Supplement
and Store.
The Department of administration works to simplify and rearrange the documents of the directorate.
Electrical section deals with the maintenance of general issues of electrical and generators.
Technical section deals with repairing general issues of cars, general works of water supply and sanitary,
carpentry issues and blacksmith works.
Fuels branch mechanism to buy and distribute fuel (oil, gasoline, or petrol) of all university cars and
electrical generators.
Department of Store is dealt with all tools and equipment that are replaced or damaged are kept or stored in
special storage units.