The University of Duhok held a graduation ceremony for the participants of future leaders training program
April 15, 2022, 5:14 p.m.

In the presence of the President of University of Duhok Dr. Dawood Atrushi and his Excellency Mr. Joey Hood the Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States of America, Ms. Sioud Chahrazad, the Acting Consul General of the United States Consulate in Erbil, today University of Duhok held the graduation ceremony for the participants in future leaders training program.


Future leaders training program was created by three IYLEP alumni from the University of Duhok, Cihan University, and the University of Zakho in collaboration with the American corner-Duhok, Humanity NGO, and the International British school of Duhok to train undergraduate students from different universities in Duhok governorate. 120 students had applied to future training program but only 18 of them were accepted to be trained as future leaders based on specific criteria from the program committee.


In his speech, Dr. Dawood the President of University of Duhok said that part of the current mission of the University of Duhok is to build and develop not only students’ academic capacities in their field, but also their soft skills and leadership competencies. He thanked the U.S Department of state for keeping running the IYELP, and for supporting the University projects funded by USAID.


His Excellency Mr. Joey Hood showed his pleasure to be in Duhok for the first time to celebrate the graduation of the participants in the future leaders training, he said that we invested leadership programs like IYLEP and FLT because we know they are the best tools for breaking down the barriers of communication and helping young people recognize how to contribute to the community, to their country and to the world, also he thanked the three young co- founders of the program.


The University of Duhok, through the American Corner-Duhok, supported this leadership project by mentoring and guidance to the creator of the program, as well as providing part of the financial and logistical support.


At the end, appreciation letters were given to the FLT trainers and certificates to the participants in the 5 months training.