Media Literacy 101


The American Corner-Duhok, in cooperation with the American Corner-Erbil, implemented a two sessions training program on Media Literacy. The goal of the program was to get the participants to think critically about their media consumption in terms of content, time, and emotional effects, as well as showing them how fake news and misleading content is created and spread around the globe. Furthermore, the participants did a couple of exercises using digital tools to validate the authenticity of images using Google Maps to geo locate locations and Reverse Image Search to figure out the real context of the images.

The program was facilitated by the Corner's director, Mahmood Jumaa.

Topics that were discussed in the program included:

- Thinking about how you consume media.

- Fact checking and fake news.

- Learning the basics of manipulation, propaganda, and disinformation.

- Seven kinds of misleading content.

- What to look for to spot manipulation.

- Using online verification tools.