The Graduation Ceremony
May 13, 2017, 10:49 p.m.

The  Spatial Planning Department in the College of Spatial Planning and Applied Science is having Two activities:

1. On Sunday 14th May "The Graduation Ceremony" of the first Undergraduates students Group receiving the Joint Bachelor Degree Certificate in Spatial Planning between TU- Dortmund and Duhok Universities.

2. On Monday 15th May: The "Planning Day" activity is going to be held at the College of Spatial Planning & Applied Science. The representative of TU- Dortmund University from Germany  Professor Dr. Deitwald Gruehn will deliver a Seminar highlighting the role of Planning and Ecology. All General directorates of Duhok Governorate are invited to share this important day that focuses on Planning as a Multidisciplinary field which plays an essential role in the future development of Kurdistan, and Duhok.