Professional Development Training Program in ABET accreditation
Dec. 17, 2015, 5:37 p.m.
On November 1st-11th, 2015, Dr.Shavan Askar, an academic staff, successfully completed a professional development training program in ABET accreditation. The training program conducted by the University of Missouri, College of EngineeringMissouri StateU.S. under the 2015 IREX US-Iraq University Linkage Program. This activity was part of the efforts conducted by the Director of International Relations Directorate, Prof. Dr. Rund Hammoudi, in getting an institutional accreditation to our university. 
He, upon his arrival, will conduct seminars and workshops on ABET accreditation at the University of Duhok to transfer the knowledge he gained from this program to other academic staff as well as to move steps forward in obtaining the ABET accreditation for the Engineering and Applied Science programs at our university.

Up to now, there is not any program, in any of the Iraqi universities, which has been granted an ABET accreditation. Obtaining such an accreditation will make the Univeristy of Duhok; unique, distinguished, and high reputation university. This will elaborate the efforts made by the International Relations office into getting an institutional accreditation and will attract many students from abroad to study in our university. In addition, having an ABET accredited programs means that our graduates will need no equalization in case they intend to workstudy in the U.S.