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Aug. 29, 2018, 11:40 a.m.

                                        Prof. Dr. Rund Hammoudi
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The main task of the International Relations office (IRO) is to prepare and set up Memorandum of Understanding and agreements between the University of Dohuk and the academic and scientific institutions around the world. The IRO coordinates the development, and reviews the University's formal bilateral and multilateral relations with other universities inside and Kurdistan Region and out. It is also responsible for organizing seminars, workshops, conferences and conducting interviews with visitors. 
The IRO coordinates the establishment and development of the University's formal bilateral relations for academic cooperation and exchange. This covers both the university and departmental arrangements. It also sets out to create a foundation for international collaboration enabling academics and students from UoD to work together with partner institutions on issues of mutual interest. 
The IRO's main tasks can be summarized the following:

  • Providing information on international cooperation opportunities.
  • Managing partnership agreements.
  • Advancing cooperation with international representations and organizations.
  • Coordinating joint activities with international networks.
  • Coordinating UoD international programs.
  • Developing university's English Language programs.
  • Providing information on exchange and mobility programs.
  • Arranging visits by foreign guests and official delegations.
  •  Compiling analysis and reports on international cooperation.
  •  Negotiating agreements and reviewing the existing agreements for renewal.
  •  Providing support for departmental programs across the University on issues related to academic cooperation and exchange.
  •  Giving information concerning the University's different relations and activities.
  •  Following up the implementation of the national and the international programs.

The International Relations Office (IRO) reflects the University of Dohuk strategic objectives focusing on:

  •  research collaboration
  •  academic exchange and staff mobility
  •  student exchanges
  •  cultural exchanges
  •  information sharing
  •  sharing of facilities
  •  staff development

The International Relations officec has the responsibility for the strategic direction and development of the international academic cooperation and exchange programs, including supervision of the program budget, promotion strategy, and administration.
The IRO increases its international visibility partly through the hospitality that extends the hand of friendship to national and international visitors, and benefits from the professional exchanges with many of the world's universities. 
The UoD has more than 60 Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with different eminent universities world-wide.

Office Team

                                Amad Ayad Mohammed
                            Amad Ayad Mohammed Deputy Director
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                                Rojan A. Salih
                            Rojan A. Salih
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