Feb. 7, 2022, 11:18 a.m.


Institutional Research Center (IRC) met at 25/01/2022.

Mr. Ramadan Hamza, director of the center and IRC staff met with Dr. Lokman Hadi, Vice President of the University for Scientific Affairs. In the meeting, the rules and activities of the center have been discussed specially after reducing the effects of Covid-19 pandemic. Reforms have been done in the center for developing the services of the center provided to the university institutes.

The Forms of information about lecturers and students have been restructured in a scientific way by Mr. Salahuddin Shukur, along with Forms of department activities (seminars, workshops, conferences and researches done by each department) and also Forms of success rate of students in each department. The Information forms have been restructured in a unique way for all departments and directories belong to the university, in a way that data are presented in a graphs and diagrams, indicators are being determined for the trends