A cultural week for peaceful coexistence between religions in Germany
Nov. 29, 2021, 9:17 a.m.

       Potsdam University /German /Berlin, invited four universities from Kurdistan Region of Iraq which are (1- University of Duhok/Duhok 2- Salah al-Din University/ Erbil 3- Catholic University/ Erbil 4- Ishik University/ Erbil) for the purpose of participating in the university’s cultural week from 27th of November to 3rd of December 2021.

 This event  is included a cultural and scientific lectures, peaceful coexistence, a visit to mass graves, museums and ministries in the capital, Berlin, a mass in a church, and a visit to the Great Mosque. The fifth day of this event will be focus on giving many lectures on the Yazidi genocide and presenting our book (Ferman 74) in German language.

       The University of Potsdam is one of the largest university in Brandenburg and the fourth largest in the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region, also, more than 8000 people are working in the scholarship and science field. In 2009, the University of Potsdam became a winner in the "Excellence in Teaching" this initiative launched by the Business Innovation Agency (Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft)

        The invited delegation will be included participants from different religions such as (Muslims, Christians, Yazidis and Kaka’i) those who are professors and their students from universities in KRG that mentioned above.  Erbil universities delegation will be counted in six professors and nine students from. Additionally, the University of Dohuk delegation will be included as the following:

 1- Prof. Dr. Nashwan Abdullah / President of the Bishkeji Center for Human Studies.

2- Assist. Prof. Dr. Salem Jassem / Head of the Research Center for Genocide Studies.

3- Mr. Daoud Murad Khatari / researcher at the Research Center for Genocide Studies

4- Mr. Sami Salem Goran / researcher at the Bishkeji Center for Human Studies.

5- Rawan Fouad Abdi/ Student.

6- Bassima Shankali/ Student.


1- Dr. Nagham Nawzat Hassan/ Medical doctor/ Treated the survivors in the early years of the genocide.

2- Falah Hassan Al-Hasakani / Genocide Information Center, Dohuk Governorate

3-  Turko Crete Bahdo Al Khalti / Survivor/ residing in France


Uni Potsdam, Campus