Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Mahdi Ali Abdullah
Dr. Mahdi Ali Abdullah Officer in charge of the scientific unit
Assistant Proffesor
Molecular Pathology&Human Biology
  • 2020 PHD in Molecular &Human Biology,Lubeck, Germany

  • 1- Mahdi Abdullah and Entess al-kennany. Pathological study of Gindness (coenurosis) in sheep in Ninevah Governorate. Iraqi. J. Vet. Sci. 2004

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  • Pathology and Immunohistochemistery

  • 18 Years

  • 7 seven students

  • 1-April 2008: Workshop on “Molecular Diagnostic Tools” organized by the Dohuk Research Center, College of Veterinary Medicine and the Research Center Borstel, Germany

    2- June 2008: "Technical Workshop on Bioinformatics” organized by EU-FB6 INCO-DEV INCOME EU-FP6 PRIORITY ConFluTech, Research Center Borstel, Germany

    3- September 2008: „Borsteler Herbestseminar Für Pathologie und Biomedizin " organized by Clinical and Experimental Pathology, Research Center Borstel, Germany

    4- May 2008: Oral presentation "Expression of haptoglobin in human infected lung “2rd Kurdistan Conference on Biological Sciences, University of Dohuk, IRAQ

    5- April 2009: Poster presentation "On the role of acute phase protein haptoglobin and its receptor in the human lung", visit of the advisory board, Research Center Borstel, Germany

    6-May 2009: Workshop "ConFlu”, tech workshop on AIV, Sequencing, Phylogeny and Bioinformatics" organized byConFluTech, Uppsala, Sweden, and the Research Center Borstel, Germany.

    7- June 2009 seminar "On the role of haptoglobin and its receptor in human lung" Research Center Borstel, Germany.

    8- June 2009: Poster presentation (3th Lübecker Graduate Student's Day) “Haptoglobin and its role human lung”, University of Lübeck.

    9- November 2009: Oral presentation "On the expression of haptoglobin in human lung" Herbsttagung der SektionZellbiologie. Research Center Borstel, Germany.

    10- November 2009: Poster presentation "32nd Symposium of the North-German Immunologists" On the role of the acute phase protein haptoglobin in the human lung. Research Center Borstel, Germany.

    11- Participated in the mentoring program in the Research Center Borstel/Germany during the dissertation of ph.d project.

    12- May 2012: organized workshop in duhok research center (molecular diagnostic tools), college of veterinary medicine, Duhok, Iraq.

    13- November 2012: participated in workshop” staff development training for medium level leaders of the university of duhok. Organized by UnistAFF Associates, DAAD and UNI Kassel.

    14- September 2012: participated in “the first conference of Kurdistan veterinarian network. College of veterinary medicine, Duhok, Iraq.

    15- May 2014 first International Kurdistan veterinary medicine, as a scientific member of conference

    16- September 2009 Oral presentation in 19 th Annual Congress of European Respiratory Society, Vienna, Austria

    17- April 2018 Organized workshop in Duhok research center (Histopathological techniques), Duhok university, college of veterinary medicine, Duhok,  Iraq.

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