Academic Staff

                                        Dr.Basim Ali Askar
Dr.Basim Ali Askar Teaching staff
  • BVMS in the Veterinary Medicine (1998 – 2003). The University of  Dohuk/Kurdistan region/Iraq.


    M.Sc in the Veterinary Pathology (2005 – 2008). The University of Dohuk/Kurdistan region/Iraq.


    Ph.D in infection and Immunity (2012 – 2016). The University of Nottingham/ UK.

  • 1- Askar B,  Ibrahim H, Barrow P and  Foster N (2015). Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide (VIP) differentially affects inflammatory immune responses in human monocytes infected with viable Salmonella or stimulated with LPS. Journal of Peptides.71:188-195.

    2- Ibrahim H,  Askar B, Barrow P and  Foster N (2018). Dysregulation of JAK/STAT genes by VIP in Salmonella-infected monocytes may inhibit its therapeutic potential in human sepsis. Journal of Cytokine: 49-56.

    3-Ibrahim H,  Askar B , Hulme S, Neilson  P, Barrow P and  Foster N (2018). Differential immune phenotypes in human monocytes induced by non-host adapted S. choleraesuis and host adapted S. typhimurium. Journal of American society for microbiology: iai00509-18r1.

    4- Askar B, Higgins J, Barrow B and  Foster N (2019). Immune evasion by Salmonella: exploiting the VPAC1/VIP axis in human monocytes. Journal of Immunology. © 2019 John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

     5. Askar B, Higgins J, Barrow P, Foster N (2020). Immunomodulation by vasoactive intestinal peptide is associated with increased survival and growth of Salmonella Typhimurium in mice. Journal of cytokine.

  • Infection and immunity / Pathology

  • 15 Years

  • Three under-graduate students (5th stage)

    • Training courses

    1. Centre for English Language Education (CELE). 12 April-13 December 2011. The University of Nottingham.UK

    2. Creating and Managing Long Documents in Microsoft Word. 5-6 October 2013. The University of Nottingham.UK

    3. Endnote introduction for referencing and citing. 5-6 June 2014. The University of Nottingham.UK

    4. Math in the lab. The University of Nottingham.UK

    5. Basics with SPSS. The University of Nottingham.UK

    6. Introduction to Flow Cytometry. The University of Nottingham.UK

    7. Animals (Scientific Procedures) Acts. UK Home Office Personal License (PIL No. 40/10874) modules 1-4, (2014-2019).


    • Conferences and Meetings


    1-Immunology Showcase, 20th June 2013, Medical School University of Nottingham, UK (attendance).


    2-MHS Faculty Postgraduate Research Forum, 25th of June 2014, the University of Nottingham, UK (attendance).


    3-M5 Biomedical Imaging Conference, 9th September 2014, the University of Nottingham, UK (poster presentation).


    4-Kurdistan Students Conference, 15th September 2014, the University of Nottingham, UK (attendance).


    5-The Innate Immunity Summit, 10th -11th  November 2014, the O2 Peninsula Square, London, UK (poster presentation).


    6-The international Sepsis Forum, 2th-5th December, Pasteur  Institute, Paris, France (poster presentation).


    7-The Flow Cytometry Meeting, 12th of November 2014, the University of Nottingham, UK (attendance)

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