Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Zeravan Abdulrazaq Mohammed
Dr. Zeravan Abdulrazaq Mohammed department official
Assistant Proffesor
  • Ph.D

  • 1-Z. A.Mohammed, G.E.Mann, and  R.S.Robinson,2019: Impact of endometritis on post-

    Partum ovarivan cyclicity in dairy cows. The veterinary Journal.248,8-13.


  • Theriogenoogy, Fertility, Metritis/ endometritis, luteal cells angiogenesis

  • 14 years

  • particpating in activity rather than teaching

    Particiating Dr. Zeravan A. Mohammed in a conference ‘’4th international conference '' Endometritis as  a cause of infertility in domestic animals'' ’which hold in  Warsaw,Poland from 9th -11th September, 2019 with an oral presentation of his scientific article under the title’’ The effect of clinical endometritis on the ovarian activity in high yielding dairy cows during post-partum period'' .

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