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                                        Dr.Omar Hasan Azeez
Dr.Omar Hasan Azeez department official
Assistant Professor
  • PhD in Biochemistry 2020, University of Duhok-Kurdistan Region- IRAQ
    Msc in Biochemistry 2005, University of Mosul-IRAQ
    Bachelor in veterinary medicine and surgery 1992, University of Mosul-IRAQ

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  • Biomedical plants and diabetes, Clinical biochemistry, Sweeteners

  • 18 Years

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    1. Instruction of scientific promotion Online 26/5/2021 1
    2. Promoting Quality of Education and Research at University of Duhok Student Centre. UoD 11/11/2021

    Presentation skills and video lecture recording online 10/9/2020

    1. 2nd international conference of College of Veterinary Medicine/UoD College of Veterinary Medicine/UoD 1/6/2021.
    2. The 4th Scientific conference, College of Veterinary Medicine 2006

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