Academic Staff

                                        Dr.Bayar Kabeer Ahmed
Dr.Bayar Kabeer Ahmed department official of the Internal Medicine and Surgery Unit
Assistant Professor

    • B.V.S., in Veterinary Medicine & Surgery/ College of Veterinary Medicine/ University of Duhok / Republic of Iraq/Academic Year; 2002-2003.
    • M.V.S., in Veterinary Medicine "Pathological and Histomorphological studies of the Genital tubular system of the Local Iraqi Ewes in Duhok Province."/ College of Veterinary Medicine/ University of Duhok/ Republic of Iraq/ Academic Year; 2008



    Physiological responses of cultured bovine granulosa cells to elevated temperatures under low and high oxygen in the presence of different concentrations of melatonin.



  • My researches focusing on the advance molecular reproductive endocrinology and biology as well as obstetric problems


    Oral presentation

    17th congress of the Mediterranean Federation for Health and production of Ruminants. Perugia, Italy. 27-30 May 2009. Histopathological studies of the genital tubular system of the local Iraqi ewes in Dohuk Province.


    Conference attended

    • Fertility 2018 conference. Liverpool. UK 03-06 January 2018

    • 47th Annual Nottingham feed Nottingham, UK 23-24 June 2015

    • Cattel fertility conference. Nottingham, 22 June 2015

    • 46th Annual Nottingham feed    Nottingham, UK 24-25 June 2014

    • Kurdistan students conference in Nottingham, UK.15 Sept 2014

    • Cattel fertility conference. Nottingham, 23 June 2014

    • 45th Annual Nottingham feed Nottingham, UK 25-26 June 2013

    • Cattel fertility conference. Nottingham, 24th June 2013


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