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                                        AZIZA RAOF HAJI
Animal Physiology

    •  M.V.S., in Veterinary Medicine "A Study on the Activity of ATPase in Neonatal and Adult Rats Intoxicated With Diazinon Carbyl and Lambdacyhalothrin."/ College of Veterinary Medicine/ University of Dohuk/ Kurdistan Region/Iraq/ Academic Year; 2003-2004.
    • B.Sc., in Animal Production/ College of Agriculture/ University of Dohuk/Kurdistan Region/Iraq/ Academic Year; 1998-1999.


    1. Mekail, A., Raof, A. Study the activity of Na+-K+-ATPase and Ca+2-Mg+2- ATPase in Neonatal and adult rats intoxicated with Diazinon,Carbaryl, And Lambdacyhalothrin. Journal of Dohuk University.2006; 9(2). Pp.167-174.

    2. Abdal TA et al.Effects of aloe vera extracted on liver and kidney function changes induced by hydrogen peroxide in rats.Int J Res Med Sci. 2020; Jan;8 (1):102-108.

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    3-Aziza R H et al, Effect of Garlic oil on some biochemical                parameters in rats exposed to hydrogen peroxide. Journal of Dohuk University(2020)

  • Animal Physiology, Biochemistry.

  • 3/2005 till now. Teaching the second grade student in college of veterinary medicine both theory and practical of physiology 

    1. Training Course on Biotechnology Techniques from 18-22 September 2004, College of Science, and University of Dohuk.


    1. The use of ADinstruments Data Acquisition Systems in Teaching and Research, workshop from 26-27 October 2011, University of Zakho.


    1. Creation of long document (Thesis) and referencing At Duhok Research center , College of veterinary Medicine university of Duhok Kurdistan region Iraq which was held on 15th-16th October 2019.


    1. Power lab data Acquisition system as modern and advanced high-tech instrument for teaching and research which held on 22nd -23rd 2012 at medical research center –Hawler medical university Kurdistan region  Iraq 

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