Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Nawzat Abozaid Issa
Dr. Nawzat Abozaid Issa Clinic Unit Administrator
Assistant Profesor
Infectious diseases and zoonotic diseasess
  • - 1985-1991: Al-Salam Primary School, Duhok, IRAQ

    - 1991-1994: Mame-Alan Secondary School, Duhok, IRAQ

    - 1994-1998: Brayati Higher School, Duhok, IRAQ

    - 1998-2003: College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Duhok, IRAQ


    - Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (2003) University of Duhok, IRAQ. Ranked first among the graduates

    - M.Sc in Veterinary Internal Medicine and protective diseases. College of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (2007) University of Duhok, IRAQ

    - PhD in Interaction between Mycobacterium avium strains and human and avian host cells (2016) School of Veterinary Science, University of Nottingham, UK.

  • Issa, N, A., Zangan, I.K. Clinical and some laboratory studies on ringworm in calves and sheep in Dohuk area. Journal of Dohuk University. 2008; 10(2).Pp. 200-205.

    Issa, N, A., Zangan, I.K. (2009) Isolation of Trichophyton mentogrophytes var mentogrophytes from naturally infected laboratory albino rats: experimental infection and treatment in rabbits. Iraqi Journal of Veterinary Sciences, 23(2). Pp. 29-34.

    Issa, N.A (2009). Experimental trichophytone mentogrophytes var  mentogrophytes  infection in rabbits: correlation between immunological and clinical observation. Bas.J.Vet.Res.8 (2). Pp. 173-180.

    Issa, N, A., Omer, L.T. (2011) Prevalence of Toxoplasma gondii in aborted ewes and does in Duhok province of Iraq. Res. Opin. Anim. Vet. Sci., 2011, 1(10), 627-630

    Issa, N.A (2017). Infection rate of toxoplasmosis in angora goats of Duhok province-iraq. Bas.J.Vet.Res.2 (16).144-158.

    Issa, N.A., Barrow, PA and Jones, MA.(2016) Interaction between Mycobacterium avium strains and human and avian host cells. Available online at:


  • Infectious and zoonitic diesases (interaction between host and pathogen)


  • 15 years

    • June-2011 ’’ Nottingham CELE Presessional English for Academic Purposes (PEAP)’’ English centre CELE, Nottingham University, UK.

    • February 2005: Workshop on “Molecular Diagnostic Tools” organized by the Research Centre Borstel, Germany.

    • April 2015: Workshop on "Flow cytometry" organized by Medical School Research Centre Nottingham University, UK.

    • March 2014 ’’Long Document formatting and editing’’ Post Graduate institute Nottingham University, UK.

    • April 2018 Workshop on ’’ PCR essential and application’’ organized by Duhok Research Centre – College of Veterinary Medicine- Duhok University, Iraq.

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