Veterinary Internal Medicine and Surgery
March 14, 2024, 7:04 p.m.

Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine and Surgery.

Head of the Department


Dr. Shivan Nawzad Hussein

PhD in Internal Medicine


Tel: 009647507404444

E.mail :

The Department of Veterinary Internal Medicine and Surgery, is one of three academic departments in the College of Veterinary Medicine. The department provides veterinary services for all types of animals (domestic and wild) in Dohuk Governorate. The department's mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge to improve animal health and advance knowledge of medicine, infectious diseases, clinical pathology, zoonoses, surgery and anesthesia. This will enhance the recognition, control and prevention of animal and zoonotic diseases and surgical procedures for large and small animals. Teaching core courses, student project, seminar, workshop and other activities follow the mission of the department. Each member of the Department of Medicine and Surgery shares responsibility for a work environment that pursues the mission of the department and provides public service to veterinarians and animal owners. The Veterinary Clinic Unit includes a wide range of clinical specialties affiliated with the Department of Medicine and Surgery, which provides exceptional clinical services and consultations to the farmer and animal (pet) owner as well as a clinical training program for fourth and fifth year veterinary students..