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                                        Ali Ubeed Shaukrie
Ali Ubeed Shaukrie History Department
Assistant Lecturer
Modern and contemporary history
  • A- Obtaining a master’s degree in modern history, College of Arts, University of Mosul on 5/8/2012.
    B - Obtaining a Bachelor's degree in History specialization in the College of Arts, Department of History, Mosul University, for the academic year 2008-2009.
    C- PhD student at the College of Humanities at Dohuk University.

  • A - Research name: The Maronite Sect in Lebanon from its inception until the end of the Crusades (398 - 1292 AD), the name of the magazine: Afaq Intellectual Magazine - Algeria Date of acceptance of the publication 5/5/2015.
    B- Research Name: Immigration in Lebanon from the time of Al-Mutasarifiya until the beginning of the Second World War (1861-1939), the name of the magazine: Afaq Al-Fekria Magazine - Algeria, publication date accepted 5/5/2015.
    C- Research name: Health conditions in Badinan area during the royal era (1921-1958), historical study, journal name: Al-Rafidain Literature Magazine - Iraq, publication date accepted 16/9/2019.
    D- Research name: Education in the Badinan region during the royal era 1921-1958 (historical study). Name of the journal: Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies, Tikrit University - Iraq, publication date accepted 11/26/2019.

  • The number of years of service is (7) years

    • Participation in a symposium entitled (Peaceful Coexistence in the Kurdistan Region) on 11/25/2013 and the title of the seminar presented by (Freedom of Sects and Minorities in the Kurdistan Region) in the College of Basic Education / Aqrah.
    • Teaching methods course dated 2015 at the College of Education / Aqrah / Duhok University.
    • English language course in 2015 at the College of Education / Aqrah / University of Duhok.
    • He participated in many committees, including: Member of the Scientific, Disciplinary and Examination Committee of the History Department, and worked as a coordinator of the History Department in qualitative quality.
    • Member of the Kurdistan Teachers Union.

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