Workshop on High-rise Buildings in Duhok city between the College of Spatial Planning and the College of Engineering
Feb. 11, 2022, 11:23 a.m.

On Thursday, 10th of February, 2022, A Workshop was conducted between the College of Spatial Planning and the College of Engineering focusing on the current development of high-rise buildings within the boundaries of Duhok City.
Within the Workshop Agenda, the Head of the University, Dr. Dawood Atrushi, gave a welcoming speech to the workshop. This was followed by a seminar presented by Dr. Hassan Elmouelhi, a lecturer from the Techincal University of Berlin, regarding Neoliberal Urbanism in Arab Regions. 

The workshop consisted of four panels, each delivering certain topics through lecturers and directorate heads. 

Panel 1: Urban Design and Aesthetic Aspects. Within this panel, Dr. Ismail Ibrahim and Dr. Shireen Younus were among the panelists dealing with global urban design standards and principles for city towers and principles of sustainable urban development.

Panel 2: Material Testing and Design Codes.

Panel 3: Traffic Design and Parks. Within the third panel, the head of the Department of Spatial Planning, Dr. Basheer Saeed, was among the panelists discussing the impacts of high-rise buildings on traffic generation and parking demand, and the traffic volume problems that will result from inadequate roads and parking. 

Panel 4: Building Services: Water Supply, Sewerage, and Electrical Power.