March 3, 2020, 12:02 a.m.


As part of the cooperation with the University of Dohuk, Iraq supported by the DAAD, the preparation of a spatial planning master program for Iraq was continued. The workshop organized from January 11th to 18th at the Faculty of Spatial Planning dealt with the curriculum of the course and defined the modules of the two-year course.


The course plans to join the SPRING network and the workshop has accordingly considered the curriculum of the SPRING course as one of the sources. Further examples from the Middle East, for example METU master programs in planning, but also other master programs in spatial planning were taken into account in the development. Of course, the needs of the country, Iraq and the Kurdistan region were taken into account. A need assessment was started last year and is continuing.

The team from Dohuk was founded by colleagues Dr. Dilshad Haleem (Dean) and Dr. Beasheer Saeed (head of department). Five other colleagues from Dohuk University were also involved. From Dortmund were Prof. Dr. Dietwald Gruehn and Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu involved. Former Head of Spatial Planning in Developing Countries (REL, now IPS) Prof. Dr. Einhard Schmidt-Kallert participated in the curriculum discussion.

The curriculum will be discussed and adopted in April at the next workshop in Dohuk. The first courses of the new course are planned for WS 2020-21.

Contact: Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu, Department of Landscape Ecology and Planning

Photo from left to right:

Shimal Khaleel Rasheed, MA, Prof. Dr. Nashwan Shukri Abdullah, Pires Husamuldeen Abdullah, MSc, Dr. Basheer A. M. Saeed, Hasan Sinemillioglu, Dietwald Gruehn, Dr. Dilshad Abduljabbar Haleem,

Dr. Mohammad Alaa Aqiqi, Assist.-Prof. Dr. Jotyar M.R. Sedeeq