The Ongoing Process for The Joint-Master Program in Spatial Planning

The Master Program members of the Spatial Planning Department gathered in a distant meeting via Webx online system to discuss the notable concerns related to the program. This session was initiated by tu-dortmund University on Monday 27th of April represented by Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu, and the other participants from UoD were Dr. Loqman Hasan the Vice President, Dr. Dilshad Haleem the Dean of the College of Spatial Planning, Dr. Basheer the head of the department and the other staff members; Dr. Jian, Dr. Aqiqi, and Mr. Pires.

Due to the lockdown situation in the region of Kurdistan, the procedure of arranging the master program will be implemented through online communication until the normal working life is resumed in our region.

There will be other regular meetings with the group on a weekly bases to achieve the necessary requirements for the program.