Participation of the delegation from Duhok University

Participation of the delegation from Duhok University in:


Winter School on Planning in Germany and Iran:

Responding Challenges of Climate Change Through Intercultural Dialogue

at Daneshpajoohan Pishro Higher Education Institute (DHEI) and

9th International Conference on
Sustainable Development and Urban Construction


Isfahan, December 3 - 13, 2019




From 6th December 2019 till 13th December 2019 the Acting Head of the Spatial Planning in Iraq Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu and Lecturer and PhD-Candidate Hussein Hamid attended in Workshop and Conference activities in Isfahan, Iran. The activity was jointly organized by TU Dortmund University and Daneshpajoohan Pishro Higher Education Institute (DHEI).

During the conference, Dr. Sinemillioglu introduced in a lecture a concept for social resilience. 

During the stay in Isfahan, the representatives of our Faculty of Spatial Planning (Duhok University) held many meetings with (DHEI) and other research Institutions in Isfahan in order to eradicate the possible future cooperations of our institutions.

One possible collaboration that has been discussed was B.Sc. Joint thesis Research for the Seventh and Eighth semester. And students can go to Isfahan and write their research thesis. DHEI will offer University facilitations like providing Dormitory, Data, Library Access, etc...

DHEI can also provide and support to design/implement a student platform/website to do all students affairs online. 

Dr. Hasan Sinemillioglu and Mr. Hussein recommend to consider strengthening further relations to the planning related to higher education institutions in Isfahan and Teheran.