Academic Staff

                                        Dr. Maha Jameel Al-Malaika
Dr. Maha Jameel Al-Malaika
Urban Planner / Architectural Engineering
  • B.Sc. Architectural Engineering

    M.Sc. in Urban Design & Planning

    Ph.D. in Urban Planning / Urban Centers Planning

  • “Redevelopment policies as Strategy for cities reconstruction after Wars”

     submitted to Harvard Conference/ USA of “Building Baghdad” 2014


     " Achieving Efficient Distribution of Police Stations and Rescue Police

    Points in Duhok City/ Iraq by Using (GIS) submitted and published in the

    Journal of Planning & Development, Baghdad university 2014.


    “Towards friendly environmental Iraqi cities “Paper submitted to the                            

    first Environment conference in Wasit University-Iraq 2011.

    "Virtual Reality Simulation in Urban Planning" Analytical study of Urban

    Centers, a PhD thesis submitted to Baghdad University/Higher Institute for

    Urban & regional planning. 


    "The Role of Local Municipalities in creating Urban Focal Points in

    cities", a paper published in AL-Mamoon journal for research / Ministry of


    "Gentle Architecture, The Architectural Profession between Academic

    Reality & Practice ", a paper published in AL-Mamoon journal for research.

    / Ministry of Culture. 


    "The loss of Hierarchy in Urban District Centers", a research submitted to the Conference of Future Urban Planning in Baghdad / Baghdad University


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