Aug. 11, 2021, 5:19 p.m.
  •  Accepted B.Sc. Backgrounds

Students from B.Sc. of Spatial Planning and students who have a B.Sc. degree in planning-related disciplines can apply for the program.  Admission requirements from the other disciplines will soon be determined by the admission committee. 

  • Language Requirements

The language of study is English. The applicants must provide a minimum of 6.5 IELTS (with no band lower than 5.0), or 80 TOEFL IBT or any equivalent English language qualification. The admission commission rejects applications without a certificate of English proficiency skills.

  • Required GPA

Applicants with a completed B.Sc. degree who do not have any professional experience must have a 70% or above GPA to be eligible for the MSc program.

Applicants with relevant experience in the field of planning are also eligible to apply (non-consecutive applicants). Their GPA is considered a partial requirement but must be above average for their graduation year. The applicants must submit a personal statement (motivation letter). The applicants must have at least two years of experience in a planning-related public or private institution.

  • Recommendation Letters

The applicants must submit two recommendation letters with his/her application. For non-consecutive applicants, one of the recommendation letters must be from his/her employer.

  • Scientific Capacities

The admission commission invites the applicants for an exam. The exam is part of the admission requirements. The exam is organized in a written form; it could also be in form of performing an interview with the short-listed applicants.

  • Gender Balance

The admission commission takes care of the gender balance. The qualified planner must reflect the gender picture of the society because the planner in the practice must deal with the needs of both genders, which requires working with women and men.


  • Tuition Fees

The accepted applicants pay $3500 tuition fees per year to ensure the program's teaching and research.


  • Apply Now 

Admissions to applications are to be announced.

For further information, please email sp.admission@uod.ac