Academic Staff

                                        Delan Jasim Khalil
Delan Jasim Khalil
Assistant Lecturer
    • 2014 - M.Sc. in molecular biology, turkey
    • 2002 -B.Sc. In agriculture \animal production, Iraq
    • Xmn1 polymorphism in B- thalassemic paition in Duhok, Duhok medical  Journal \ 5-6-2012.
    • Identification of some  genomic markers for detection of thyroid cancers by RAPD Technology,  Journal of Koya 5-2012

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    • Molecular biology

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  • H. Certifications:

    • HLA typing – Serology and DNA.
    • Loss of heterozygosity of 21q11-22 region in colorectal cancer
    • Bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons contaminants wastewater for Baiji thermal power station in Iraq,
    • Analysis of loss of heterozygosity on 20q11-13 chromosome region in bladder cancer.


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