Medical Biotechnology Program
Oct. 31, 2022, 3:23 a.m.

Medical Biotechnology Program



Modern medical biotechnology finds applications in areas such as pharmaceutical drug discovery and production, pharmacogenomics, and genetic testing. The application of biotechnology to basic science has also dramatically improved our understanding of biology and as our scientific knowledge of normal and disease biology has increased. Genetic testing allows the genetic diagnosis of inherited diseases, and is also used to determine paternity and has extensively used in forensic science or in general a person's ancestry.

The medical biotechnology program was established to provide researchers with the necessary equipment and methodology that facilitate the way for detection of gene mutations associated with human genetic diseases, different molecular techniques were also practiced in the field of cancer research and gene expression studies. Activities of this program extends to areas of gynecological, hematological and metabolic problems that have genetic origin.

Team Members

Name                              Academic  Title     Position

  1. Dr. Rana Adel Hanoon       Lecturer               Team Leader
  2. Ms. Najat Taher Mahmoud          Assist. Lecturer           Member
  3. Miss. DelanJasim Khalil        Assist. Lecturer       Member
  4. Miss. Shyama Suliman Mohammed    PhD. Student        Member
  5. Ms. Sheelan Hameed Ibrahim    Assist. Lecturer      Member



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