Environmental Biotechnology Program
Oct. 31, 2022, 3:23 a.m.

Environmental Biotechnology Program



The Environmental Biotechnology challenges are to develop, understand, and solve of basic and apparent environmental problems of the ecosystems. According to the international Society for environmental Biotechnology, the environmental Biotechnology is defined as an environment that helps to develop, efficiently use and regulate the biological systems, and prevent the environment from pollution, to sustain an environmental friendly Society.

Frame of work

The interest of the working group in the lab of Environmental biotechnology includes but not restricted to: -

1- Evaluate environmental problems and understand the new and emerging dimension of the environmental crisis.

2- Monitoring, analysis and use new technologies such as remediation to clean up some polluted sides in Kurdistan Region and Iraq.

3- To examine the interaction between species of different populations and understand the causal of dominance and exclusion of some species which led to reduce the diversity in the terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

4- Use of some local plants residues to produce Biofuels.    


Team Members

Name                              Academic  Title     Position

  1. Dr. Hassan Amen Mohammed    Assist. Prof.               Team Leader
  2. Mr. Qays Lazgin Khder         Assist. Lecturer             Member



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